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Happy Halloween!

MFA Murals: Jackson Pollock & Katharina Grosse

On Monday night I had the opportunity to see the new exhibit Mural: Jackson Pollock & Katharina Grosse at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston.

Grosse was commissioned to create an artwork...

...in response to Pollock's painting (his largest ever at 2o feet long):

It's an interesting pairing.

In many ways they are vastly different pieces.  The Pollock piece is full of brush strokes, where the Grosse piece has the hard lines of the stencils she uses.

Both pieces have tons of color and movement, but Pollock use of black and white makes the colors feel more subdued.

The Grosse piece can be viewed from the front and the back...

It's a different piece from the back (above) because the paint hasn't gone through the fabric everywhere and so there's more white on the back and the shapes are less defined in some areas.

There's still white on the front (below), but it's different.

I really like both pieces and feel the need to go back and study them some more!  The exhibit is open until February 23, 2020, so there is plenty of time!

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