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Baby is Here!

After 40 hours of labor, our beautiful baby boy came out kicking and screaming.  It had been such a long and slow labor that nobody thought the end would be quite so fast.  When he started to crown, it was just me, my Mom, Steve, and a nurse in the room.  The nurse called for back up and told me to stop pushing.  But I couldn't stop him from coming. 

No back up came.

She called again.

No back up came.

She pulled the emergency cord from the wall and the room flooded with people just as his shoulders popped free.  It was crazy.

I could say a lot of things about this first week of motherhood.

Birthing a human is an insane experience.  It is both traumatic and magical at the same time.

Watching Steve become a father has been wonderful.

The lack of sleep has been punishing. Our baby was losing weight instead of gaining, so we are on a strict feeding schedule that allows very little time for sleep.  We are simply in survival mode at the moment.   The chaos in this house reflects that.  The plants are dead and the kitchen counter has become a dumping ground for absolutely everything you can imagine.

The physical recuperation from giving birth is slow and painful.   Like many women, I tore during the birthing process.

My family and friends have been amazing and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such generous people.  I have been gifted with advice, time, extra hands, grace, and so much more!

My emotions are running rampant. There's worry and doubt and fear and depression and also great joy. I cry every day. Usually more than once. I think "hot mess" aptly describes the situation.

At any given moment, I could really use a shower and a nap.

But I couldn't be happier or more content than I am at the moment with my little family. He is a lovely little baby with a sweet disposition and I am super excited for the adventures ahead!

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