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Creative Dog Grooming

I was at my Mom's house last week and we watched a documentary that introduced me to a world I didn't know existed.  Have you heard of "Creative Dog Grooming?"  It is the art of creating art in a dog's fur with products such as: dye, hair chalk, nail polish, glue-on rhinestones, etc. For example:





The documentary we watched is called Well Groomed.  You can watch it on HBO.  Here's a trailer for the film:

Obviously, this is a hobby that requires skill, patience, and artistry.  The documentary follows three groomers and covers some of the debate over whether this is okay or animal cruelty.  From what I could see, all the dogs seemed happy with tails wagging.  The owners seemed to love their dogs and the grooming felt like an extension of that love.  In some ways, it reminded me of baby beauty pageants.  The dogs and the little children have the same amount of choice in the matter. 

Regardless of the cruelty debate, it's pretty impressive trimming and coloring, don't you think?  Art has many forms.

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