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Iris Van Herpen Inspires Again

Last January I wrote a long post about inspiration and how fashion designer Iris Van Herpen had inspired me to make several pieces of art.  For example:

image from
image from
When I was watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet on Sunday night, I sat up straight in my seat when Joey King walked out in a beautiful Iris Van Herpen gown.

Lots of inspiration in that beautiful gown!  But even more in this video from Iris Van Herpen's most recent runway show:

What to do with this inspiration?  Well, inspiration isn't a straight line.  Ask yourself a simple question: What inspires you about this video?  Is it the movement?  The music?  The colors?  The shapes?  The fabrics?  Take that element of inspiration and create something from it.

For example, you could make a pair of earrings based on the large sculptural arch the models walk through.  You could make a painting filled with circles based on that same inspiration.  It all depends on you, the artist!

Never forget.  Inspiration is all around us!

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