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The Source of Creativity

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  In the past few years I've converted over from watching TV to listening to podcasts. They're great for listening to in the car, on a plane or a train, in the studio, in the kitchen, while breastfeeding, or while walking down the street.  After listening to a podcast, I almost always feel like I've gained something: knowledge, a laugh, an insight, etc.  I also often need to share what I've gotten from a podcast with the people in my life.  After listening to this recent ted radio hour podcast, I knew that I had to share the whole thing here on the blog.  Give it a listen:

I often meet people -- in classes, at events, on airplanes -- who tell me that they are not creative.  It is one of my most hated statements.  I believe that *everyone is* creative.  This podcast deals with that question from several different perspectives.  I think you'll enjoy it and find it illuminating!

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