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Art Journal Every Day: May 2019

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Art Journal Every Day #artjournal #artjournaleveryday

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, there is a short introduction here.  All of the previous posts can be found archived here.  Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day!  No need to finish anything or even like it. If you've done some art journaling this week, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek.  Even if you're not on social media, you can see everything (from twitter, pinterest, instagram, and facebook) that uses that hashtag here. 

You may recognize the image from this page. I've used it before...sort of.  It's a monoprint from a gelatin plate and I was able to pull three prints - the first print and two "ghost" prints - from the original painting on the plate. 

Given the vibrancy of color in this print, I think it's clear that this one was the original.

If you ever wondered how long it takes to get a stencil from prototype to production, check out this detail photo:

Yep. That's a prototype of my Dash V stencil that just came out!

I used watersoluble crayons to color in the word "strawberry" and they give a kind of messy chaotic look that I like.

I like to use my art journal as a place to experiment and challenge myself.  For example, I don't love brown.  So I painted this page brown to see what would happen!

I used water soluble crayons to draw this face.

This is a tag with a random piece of paper I doodled on, around some random stamping from another project.  Random, random, random.  My art journal houses so much random goodness!

I was so nervous that my pregnancy wouldn't "stick."  So every ultrasound was a celebration when I could see the baby was alive and kicking!  I colored these letters with colored pencils.

So there you have it!  A peek at some pages in my art journal.  I hope you feel inspired to mess around in your art journal this weekend!

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