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Art Carts

I have four art carts in my studio.

Cart #1 is for sewing items.  I use it to hold my fabric scraps and sewing notions.

Cart #2 is for art journaling.  I use it to hold my favorite pens, markers, stamps, deli paper, and collage fodder.

Cart #3 is for memory keeping and ScanNCut.  I use it to hold my most used Project Life supplies and some ScanNCut accessories.

Cart #4 is for painting.  I use it to hold my most used mediums, brushes, tools, and favorite paints.


This system works for me because my studio is a big open room:

The carts allow me to keep the space flexible.  I can move them to wherever I'm working.  By keeping them divided by function (a.k.a. sewing, painting, etc.) it keeps me organized and able to find what I need when I need it.  For the way my brain works, I can't have my supplies neatly tucked away.  I need them out and available.  The carts keep all of my favorite things right at my fingertips! And clean up is easy because everything gets tossed right back into the cart.

How about you?  Do you use art carts?


PS: Two things for members:

(1) I'm doing a bonus half hour art journaling livestream tonight (Wed), just for fun.  It's at 5:30pm EST and the link is in the forum.  (It's not too late to become a member, btw!)

(2) If you can't find the forum (I've had some emails expressing difficulty with that), I put together a quick video how-to for you!  (This video is also posted in the welcome section of the membership site.)

Membership: How to Find the Forum from Julie Balzer on Vimeo.