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Chip Bag

Anyone else feel like they might need to social distance from their refrigerator?!  ;)

Well, if you can't stop snacking, you're actually just making materials for future craft projects.  I took a Doritos bag and a Ruffles bag and turned them into this fabulous zippered bag:

It has a flat bottom...

...and a lining...

Lining-wm it's perfect for art supplies, makeup...or even snacks! (PS: Do you recognize that fabric?  It's a piece I printed during #PrintInktober!)

Some tips on making a bag like this:

  • I washed and dried the chip bags before I used them.
  • I cut the bags open and then enclosed them between two layers of clear iron-on vinyl.  The vinyl gives them strength and stability for use over time, but you don't notice it at all when you look at the finished bag. 
  • You can treat your "chip bag fabric" like any other fabric when you're stitching it together.  You have to use a pressing sheet when ironing it and it's stiff to turn, but otherwise it behaves like fabric!
  • There are tons of FREE tutorials online for making a "flat bottomed zipper bag."  Do a google search and find one that works for you!
  • Get your family in on the process.  For example, Steve has offered to eat some M&Ms in order to help me with my next project. What a guy!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!