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Paper Window Eggs for Easter

You guys, I couldn't bring myself to dye eggs this year.  It just seemed so wasteful with eggs being in short supply.  I tried to give myself the pep talk: you still eat dyed Easter Eggs, etc, but hunting through the grocery store for white eggs just seemed like misplaced priorities.  So instead, I bring you paper window eggs:

This is easy to do and would work for people of all ages.  I started with a leftover piece of deli paper that was already covered in paint.

Then I used a paint marker to draw an egg on it with doodles that followed some of the paint marks.

I added additional paint where it felt necessary.

I cut each egg out...

...and then taped them to my window.

You could also use them to decorate your table or wall.  I'll likely glue them into my art journal when Easter is over!  All in all an Easter project that can take up as much or as little time as you'd like it to: make a handful of eggs in an hour or craft dozens and dozens over several afternoons.

I hope you'll give this project a try! Thanks for stopping by!