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100 Days of Gelatin Printing: Days 52-58

Here are my seven most recent layered monoprints for my 100 Day Project (These images are embedded from instagram.  If you can't see them, click HERE.):

I didn't realize how similar days 56 & 57 were until I saw them here side-by-side.  It's interesting because I actually made them several days apart.  I took a few days off from gelatin printing in order to focus on some other priorities.  And yet, they could have been made on the same day with the same ideas.  Isn't that crazy?  Totally unintentional and yet so close to being identical in composition and form. 

I love day 58.  I definitely want to go further in that direction.  It almost doesn't look like a gelatin print....

If you see anything you'd love to own, let me know. All layered gelatin prints arrive to you ready-to-frame, in a hard mailer and an archival beveled mat with a backer board.  $125 includes shipping in the US.  Contact me for international shipping.

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