Around Here: May 2020
USPS Collaborative Art Project

It's the Summer of Tie Dye!

This is definitely the summer of tie dye and I couldn't leave the baby out of it:

I made him a super cute sun printed shirt with some heat transfer vinyl (HTV) words across the front. 

Here's a look at the stencil I used for the sun printing process


Check out the details:


I love how the t-shirt came out!  It feels like summertime to me! And the baby is happy with it (even if it is a little bit big on him):


This was a fun and easy project to make.  It would work for kids or grown-ups.  Also, instead of a t-shirt, you could use an apron or a tote bag.  Personally, I want to tie dye all the things.  I just can't stop myself...!

Thanks for stopping by!