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Around Here: September 2020

Exploring Grafix Opaque Black Plastic

I took Grafix's new Opaque Black Plastic sheets for a test drive with tons of different mediums.

This is the process I often use to explore new-to-me supplies: I cut up the black plastic into manageable pieces (about 2x3). Then I brainstormed a quick list of all my favorite art mediums and printed out some labels. I stuck the labels down and then went to town. Now that everything is dry, I have a wonderful set of reference cards for how some of my favorite art mediums behave on top of the black plastic. Knowledge is power.  Watch the video to see my explorations and the results:

Have you considered using plastic instead of paper as a substrate?  If you're looking for something new to try, why not try creating on a different substrate instead of grabbing for a new medium?

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