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Reduction Printing

If you've ever wondered what goes into creating an online class, know that there are tons of videos and projects that never make it to the classroom.  I've been working on a #CarveDecember class since 2019 (it's going to be packed with stamp carving/printing/design info).  This week, I decided to tackle a lesson on reduction printing, which really should be its own class. Yesterday, I made an irrevocable process mistake and only realized it part way through filming the lesson. 


No matter, I've started a new lesson.  And it's going to be GREAT. 

But in the meantime, I thought I'd share my reduction printed tag with you.  It's not what it's supposed to be, but I still like it.

If I hadn't created this for a class, I wouldn't care that it isn't what it's "supposed to be," because it's fabulous as it is.  I hope that you embrace all the little art flops in your life.  Sometimes that's where the magic is!  Remember, a mistake is simply a creative opportunity!

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