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Super Easy Watercolor Masking

I stumbled across a fabulous YouTube video last week. It's by a woman named CeeCee:

Her style is not necessarily my style, but I loved her easy watercolor masking with washi tape.  A very simple idea with seriously cool results.  And so, I gave it a try myself.  Rather than cards, I made small works of abstract art.  First some very simple brush strokes:

This is probably the most minimalistic artwork I've ever made.  And I like it.

And now, some more dense pieces:

I love how these turned out!  The big thing that I hope you take away from this post (besides the idea of mixing watercolor and washi tape) is that you can always find a way to translate an idea into something that works for your style.  Part of my creative growth -- and I hope yours too -- is being able to see something I like and use it as a trampoline -- i.e. something to get my own ideas bouncing and moving -- rather than a step-by-step blueprint.  Making art is a process.  We all need training wheels at the beginning. That's how you learn.  But after a while it's time to get the training wheels off and pedal into the sunset!

Thanks for stopping by!