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A "Woven" Quilt

I belong to a quilt guild called The Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild.  Recently, they issued a challenge to the membership: 

Quilts should represent what modern quilting means to each maker. Ideas of techniques that typically appear in modern quilts include:

  • Negative Space
  • Improvisational Piecing 
  • Minimalism
  • Alternate Gridwork
  • Modern Traditionalism (Updating a traditional quilt block or theme in a modern way)

Quilts must include a piece of Enchanted, the Kona Cotton 2020 Color of the Year.

We were each sent a small piece of "Enchanted."

I started sketching and came up with a design. 

It actually came together quite quickly.

But then the quilting just made everything go sideways.  Quite literally.  Sigh.

I had originally planned on quilting the white area and leaving the "ribbons" un-quilted, but then I changed my mind.  It might have been better the other way?  I suppose I could make another version some day to test the theory, but for now I'm going to say, "Yay!  It's done!"

I'm not sure it's "me," but it's done and so I'm on to the next project.

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