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How Long Does It Take to Carve a Stamp?

Carving a stamp can be as quick as 10 minutes or as long as days.  It really all depends on the size of the block.  This simple little stamp took me less than 10 minutes to carve:

It's also teeny tiny.  This big block...

...took me about two-and-a-half hours.  You can watch the process, which I've condensed down to under a minute, in this video:

(Members can view the real time 2.5 hour process in the Classroom.  And yes, this is the one of the stamps I carved for the #CarveDecemberClass.)

If you're on the fence about participating in #CarveDecember, here are some things to think about:

  • You really CAN control the amount of time you spend on a daily project like this.
  • Keep your stamps small and you'll be able to spend less than 30 minutes each day on designing, carving, printing, and posting your work.
  • If you prefer larger stamps, but don't have the time every day, then change the parameters of the challenge: You could carve one large stamp every week.  
  • If you spent 20 minutes each day working on carving a larger block, that's almost 2.5 hours over 7 days.  So by the end of December, you'd have carved and printed at least four fabulous and monumental blocks.  A great accomplishment!

I really hope you'll participate in the stamp carving challenge.  It's fun and addictive and can work for so many different styles, abilities, and lifestyles!  You can always find a way to make the #CarveDecember challenge work for you!

Thanks for stopping by!