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The #CarveDecemberClass is Open for Enrollment!

As you know, I have been hosting an annual carve-a-stamp-a-day challenge (aka #CarveDecember) in December since 2014!  The challenge will continue for FREE this December.  You are welcome to participate in the same way you always have:

  • Carve a stamp.
  • Print it.
  • Post it to instagram.
  • Use the hashtag #CarveDecember.

However, this year I am thrilled to also be offering a #CarveDecemberClass.

"Carve December: 31 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Carving, Printing, and Designing Custom Stamps" is an online work-at-your-own-pace class.  There are 31 lessons (one for each day in December) -- twenty-one lessons from me and ten lessons from ten fabulous guest stars!

Every single one of these teachers is an accomplished printmaker who has participated in #CarveDecember many times before.  In fact, for many of them, #CarveDecember was the thing that truly transformed them into printmakers!

Here are some things to know about the class:

  • There are 31 video lessons.  It breaks down to a bargain basement cost of about $4/lesson.
  • Most lessons are short -- under 10 minutes.
  • Once you purchase the class, you have lifetime access.  That means you can do the lessons in December or in January or two years from now.
  • Even after a decade of carving and printing and writing a book on the topic, I still learned some new tricks from the 10 guest stars!

Here is a short video all about what you can expect:

I really hope you'll join us for all of the fun.  Learn more and sign up HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!