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Basquiat Exhibit at the MFA Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston (MFA Boston) is currently hosting an exhibition of work by Basquiat and some of his contemporaries.  It's called "Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip Hop Generation."  I have long been a Basquiat fan, but only seen one of his paintings in-person.  So I masked up and headed to the museum.  I attended the exhibit twice (partially because I love Basquiat and you miss things the first time through, and partially because I have a baby and someone had to stay home with him) once with Steve and once with my Mom. 

The exhibition is a mixture of Basquiat's work and some of his contemporaries.  Personally, I feel like his work stands head and shoulders above his contemporaries.  Before I show you the exhibit, here's a quick video about his work that I found online and really like:

And here's a peek at the exhibit for you (I think it's pretty obvious what is Basquiat's work and what is other people's work, but you tell me):



Several of the students in my Design Boot Camp class expressed their dislike of Basquiat.  How do you feel about his work?

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