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December 2020 posts

Adventures in Arting Podcast: Wrapping Up 2020

Is it too early to wrap up 2020? On the podcast Mom and I are discussing the lessons learned in 2020 and what we hope for 2021. If you do not see the podcast player above, please click on this link. On the off chance that you've never listened to a podcast or don't get why anybody would want to, here are some facts: (1) Podcasts are convenient. It's a recording that is available to you whenever and wherever you'd like to listen. You can pause, stop, start, fast forward, and rewind. Stream it through Apple Music or any podcast... Read more →

The carves this year feel more intense. I think it's the Carve December Class. There's something new to learn every single day! Take a peek: Also: Instagram "recent" hashtags are back! You can find so much good stuff by visiting #CarveDecember and #CarveDecemberClass! It's not too late for you to start carving! You can participate in #CarveDecember for just one day. Stamp carving is easy and fun and you can even do it with just a craft knife and a pencil eraser! I put together a super short how-to video for you: Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

How about some nature printed gift tags for the holidays? Here's a fast forward look at these tags coming together: Members can watch the real time version of this video in the classroom. If you're interested in learning more about nature printing, consider my online course "A Year of Gelatin Printing: Found Objects," which begins March 1, 2021. It's part of my year-long gelatin printing class, "A Year of Gelatin Printing." Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

Here's a super fun holiday craft tradition that you can start any time: memory ornaments. The front of each ornament features the year and a "title" and the back features a bit more detail about that particular Christmas. I used vinyl, which I cut with my new **Maui** ScanNCut SDX85M, for the front of each ornament. ...and transfer paper for the text on the back. This is a simple and elegant way to personalize your Christmas decorations! The new ScanNCut SDX85M is a great machine. Here are five features I appreciate: It has the AutoBlade – a total game changer... Read more →

I made some super fun Christmas ornaments using black watercolor paper and interference watercolors. These are super easy to make: STEP ONE: Cut 3-5 identical symmetrical shapes, like a circle. You'll note that my circles have a perforation down the middle, but they don't have to. STEP TWO: Color the shapes with sparkly watercolors. STEP THREE: After they've dried, fold the shapes in half. STEP FOUR: Glue the shapes back-to-back (unpainted side) to each other and put a string through the middle before you glue the last piece in. You can add a tassel or some beads to the bottom... Read more →

Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown. I made some candle cookies to celebrate! I have been loving tipless piping lately. What's that? It's a much easier way to decorate cookies (and clean up from decorating cookies). This is a good video about the process: Here's to eight happy nights! Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. The Member Livestream is tomorrow (Friday) night at 8pm EST. Find all the details in the classroom! If you're not a member, it's just $5.99/month. Thanks for your support! Read more →

In case you're thinking of buying some art supplies for yourself or leaving a list for Santa, I've put together a list of some of my favorite art supplies, categorized by price: UNDER $10 Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper -- I use this paper for everything. I use it for paintings, sketches, underpaper, bookbinding -- I even use it as a white background for taking photos! I buy the big sheets and cut them down as needed. VersaFine Clair Ink Pads -- I just bought a whole bunch of these pigment ink pads and so far, I love them! I... Read more →

Overwhelmed By Art Supplies?

A client recently told me that she was overwhelmed by her art supplies and feeling paralyzed whenever she entered her creative space. I'll share the advice I gave her with you: And in case you're one of those people who never watches the video, here are the basics: Purge (in stages if necessary) Create "Supply Cards" Explore & Learn Remember, you are the boss of your art supplies and creating should be fun. Get rid of the things that make you feel bad or overwhelmed. Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. THIS is the book I shared in the video. Read more →

I can honestly say that the stamps I've carved for #CarveDecember this year are some of my best. I'm feeling very happy about that! I have to give credit to the #CarveDecember Class. It has pushed me to think more deeply about what I'm creating and I've picked up some fabulous new tricks from the guest teachers. Take a peek: It is not too late for you to join in on all of the stamp carving fun. You don't have to participate every day. You can pop in just once and that's awesome! Thanks for stopping by! --- P.S. Instagram... Read more →

If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, the concept is simple: It's a commitment to take ten minutes each day to do something in your art journal. No need to finish anything or even like it. It's about making the time to nourish your creativity every day! If you have the time to flip through your phone, you have the time to Art Journal Every Day. If you'd like to share what you make, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek. You can find new Art Journal Every Day posts here on the blog... Read more →