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A Busy Weekend of Teaching

I had a very busy weekend packed with people, which is certainly an amazing thing to be able to say in these days of quarantine.  But, don't worry, it was all from the comfort of my own home.

On Friday I taught my live online class "Friday Night Art Journaling: Let's Make Faces."  Here are some of the demo faces I created as part of that class:

My next Friday Night Art Journaling class is on March 5.  It's all about hand cutting lace pages in your art journal, like this one:

On Saturday I taught my "ScanNCut DX: Super Basic Beginner" live online class. 

I got a lovely note from Ruth after class.  She said, "Thank you for the delightful presentation this morning. You are an EXCELLENT educator….very clear, very helpful and patient."  As an instructor, it makes me so happy when my students are happy!

My next ScanNCut class is on February 4.  It's an Introduction to CanvasWorkspace Online

If you're interested in making your own cut files, CanvasWorkspace makes that process so much easier!

And finally, Sunday was the Monthly Member Livestream.  We covered a wide array of topics including some non-traditional ideas for collage:

Basic Membership is just $5.99/month and when you join you get immediate access to the entire back catalogue of livestreams (almost two years worth).  Margie, who is a member, left this comment on my instagram page after the livestream: "This was great today Julie. Did my first glue page right after the live stream. Loved the results. Loved using some beautiful bits and pieces. You’re the best👏"  Thank you, Margie!  I'm so thrilled to be able to provide a creative spark to other people.

Now the bad news: it's Monday and I need to clean up the tornado of art supplies that are piled everywhere!  Send help (and Cheetos)!

Thanks for stopping by!