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Some #CarveDecember Faves!

Today I wanted to share just a few of my personal favorites from the hundreds and hundreds of hand carved stamps that people made in December as part of #CarveDecember.  (These images are embedded from instagram.  If you don't see them, click HERE to view this post on the web.)

At the moment, there are almost 20,000 #CarveDecember posts.  If you're looking for inspiration, it's a great hashtag to visit.  There are drawings/illustrations, patterns, color choices, style many things to inspire you, even if you never carve a stamp.

Finally, if you haven't read the rave reviews for the #CarveDecemberClass, here are just a few:

  • “Thank you so much! This is one of the best class experiences I have ever done. I actually learned a lot and applied most of the techniques. I’m happy that I can visit again and keep building my skills. My friends have been impressed with the stamps I made even when I know they are only the beginning. I’m not a person that has sent out a lot of cards, but I have sent out at least six cards using the stamps I made for Carve December 2020.” — Jackie
  • “Hey, Julie…..You’ve done it again! You’ve gotten together a fabulous group of teachers to make this the best class ever. I love your tessellation stamp and your process. I am so glad this is a lifetime access class because I’ll be coming back to these lessons time and time again. I have learned so much with each teacher…it’s so uncanny how much there is to carving a stamp! …and there is 13 more lessons to go! Unbelievable! This is the best Christmas present I gave to myself this year…. Happy Holidays!” — Sue
  • “I loved the variety of techniques and supplies. The length of the individual classes was just right. I hope you will keep the course available for purchase for quite a while since I have started telling friends about it. Just superb! I am reconsidering the gelatin printing since I learned so much in this one! Six out of five stars for you!” — Susan
  • “Every time I thought “Well this lesson made the price of the class well worth it” another lesson came along and I thought the same thing again. Content was excellent, kept my attention and taught me new carving techniques. Well done!” — Janice

You can still sign up for class and get lifetime access to all 31 lessons!  Thanks for stopping by.