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Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints

The first of the 13 "A Year of Gelatin Printing" monthly classes begins today!

I have been teaching gelatin printing for many years. One thing I've learned while teaching my in-person classes: If a class has a gelatin printing component, you can't do the gelatin printing until late into the day.  Because once people start gelatin printing, they can't stop.  It's deeply addictive.  I've encountered so many students who don't "get" the whole gelatin printing craze.  And then they try it....!

The thing that I love about gelatin printing is that, much like stamp carving, you can jump right in and make some amazing art!  But, just like stamp carving, you can also go super deep and spend a lifetime honing your skills.

I created this class with one thought in mind: What are the foundational skills of gelatin printing that can ensure success all down the line?

I made a list of those skills and then I started making videos!  There are 19 videos in this class that cover all of the foundational skills you need, from how to set up your printing area to how much paint to put out to get the results you want.

For most of my life I've been the kind of person who skips to the end of the how-to book. I only want to do the advanced project at the end.  I don't want to do the exercises at the beginning.  They just don't seem as cool, right?

However, the longer I've taught, and the more stuff I've created, the more I realize that skipping to the end can be fun, but it's not useful.  Most of the time you have no idea how to recreate the cool project you made and/or can't translate it into your own style because you don't have the foundational skills.  That's the reason that this course is a pre-requisite to the other 12 months of classes.  I want to help my students thrive and grow, rather than simply recreate my projects.

The entirety of a "A Year of Gelatin Printing" is based around mastery of one skill after another.  Each month offers a deep dive into a single area.  This month, February, is the beginning.  The aim is to create a common vocabulary and a level playing field.  Let's all build a foundation together and grow from there!

This is the book we'll be making in class: 

It's a super cool non-destructive binding -- meaning, you can remove and change the pages at any time.

If you'd like to join me for "Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints," it's $45 for lifetime access to all 19 videos.  That makes it about $2.36/video.  Less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks.  You can read more about the class and sign up HERE.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!


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