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Green Color Wheel for St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In honor of the day when we all wear green, I decided to make a color wheel using three green paints: Green Gold, Pthalo Green (Yellow Shade), and Viridian Green.  I was curious to learn how they were different, how they mixed, and how they tinted and shaded.  My color wheel teaches me all those things!

This didn't take me very long and I learned a few things:

  • Viridian Green has a slight blue hue to it.
  • I can use Green Gold as a yellow, especially when mixing.  But it's a less saturated color.
  • Who needs to buy teal paint?  Check out those lovely shades of teal I got by tinting my paint.
  • I like the shaded (outside ring) colors the best.  Perhaps I'm still in a winter mood?  But those deep dark greens are super appealing to me at the moment.
  • The differences between Viridian Green and Pthalo Green (Yellow Shade) are minor and subtle.  I do own Pthalo Green (Blue Shade) and I suspect it's even closer to Viridian Green.  Perhaps I will not restock the Viridian Green.  The bottle is almost empty and it's so close in hue to colors I already own that it seems silly to buy more.
  • On the other hand, I need to choose some other greens.  Green gold is great, but I need some other green hues for my paint collection.  Time to go shopping!  :)

Some resources for you: I used the color wheel SVG I designed for the base of this wheel.  I have an online class all about color mixing and a class on using a limited palette.

I hope you're having a very green day!  Thanks for stopping by!