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I'm sure you know all about making rolled paper beads. I've posted paper bead projects before - here & here. Well, I was cleaning off my paint palette this weekend and I suddenly thought: why not make some beads out of all of this paint? Watch the video for the how-to: Supplies: non-stick palette covered with dried acrylic paint Matte Medium something round scissors And here's the necklace I made from the paint palette beads: The main reason to make the beads from paint instead of paper is that you don't have to seal them! There are lots of different... Read more →

What is the ScanNCut Background Scan? How do you use it? When do you use it? What do you need to know about it?! I'm answering all of your Background Scan questions and sharing the four ways that I use Background Scan in this video: As a recap, Background Scan is useful when: You want to use small scraps of material. You want to perfectly place a cut file. You want to cut multiple colors of the same material at the same time. You want to cut out certain design areas on a material. I use Background Scan almost every... Read more →