100 Days of Art Botanical: Days 58 - 64
Fancy Pancakes aka "Pancake Art"

Art Parts Explained

"Art Parts" are the mise en place of art making.  Having a stash of art parts makes the act of making finished art quick and easy.  But art parts aren't simply painted pieces of paper.  They're immediately usable "parts" that can be adhered in place.  Watch the video for more:

If you're interested in my Art Parts class this weekend, you can read all about it and sign up HERE.  There are 3 spots left in class.

Regardless of whether or not you sign up for class, I hope you'll consider building up your Art Parts stash.  Piles of pretty painted papers are nice, but they're not always immediately usable and that can be exhausting.  When you don't know what to make, turn your collage fodder into Art Parts!

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