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Around Here: April 2021

Cut Custom Stencils With a ScanNCut

I have been designing stencils for The Crafter's Workshop since 2011. 

They're two things that I absolutely adore and have been doing for a long long time, so mashing them together seems like a total no-brainer.

The exciting news is that there are many many ways to create stencils with your ScanNCut.  Some of them are simple and based around scanning drawings.  Some of them are complicated and involve spending a lot of time with a computer screen.  But the good news is that you, yes YOU, can create awesome stencils with your ScanNCut whatever your comfort level is with technology.  I have an online class all about how to cut stencils with your ScanNCut, if you'd like step-by-step instructions.

Here's a recent review from that class:

"Julie, I’ve been sending myself nuts on and off (more off because I would get so peeved) for about 18 months as I’ve tried to create stencils with gum leaves and gum nuts on my CM900. Half an hour after your first session … I’d created two!!!! I could not believe it!!! I love them….This class has been a total eye opener and I really appreciate the breadth of your teaching and insights and sharing your creative processes. You have exceeded my expectations and have saved my SNC from having to find another forever home.” — Roberta

Today I thought I would share a few examples of stencils I've cut using my ScanNCut.

And quickly, before I share the photos, here's the answer to the #1 question I get about cutting stencils with a ScanNCut: 95% of the stencils I cut are cut from paper.  Yep.  Just regular old cardstock.  Nothing fancy.

You can scan a drawing to create a custom stencil:

You can use the ScanNCut machine's built-in designs to create a custom stencil:

You can use CanvasWorkspace (free editing software from Brother) to create a custom stencil:

These 3 examples are the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of different ways to create amazing custom stencils.

I hope that you'll give stencil design a try.  It's easier than you think!

Read all the details about the online class HERE.

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Please note that while I am a paid ambassador for the ScanNCut, this class is not affiliated with Brother is any way.  I am an independent instructor.  If you have Customer Service questions or issues about your ScanNCut, please contact Brother directly.