Mixed Media Canvas from April's Member Livestream
Two New Big Mixed Media Collages

100 Days of Art Botanical: 95 - 100

The 100 Day Project is done!  Whew.  Here's a look at my last six pieces -- which I think show a lot of growth (no pun intended, given the botanical theme).

I have to say, I'm really really proud of the work that came out of this project and of my fortitude.  You may recall that I was really struggling back in February.  Floundering around and making stuff I didn't like and that wasn't fun to create.  But I kept pushing and experimenting and trying new things. I gave myself permission to fail.  I gave myself permission to quit.  And in the end, I feel like I came out the other end a better artist.  Yay!

I put together a self-published book that chronicles the journey.

I've actually done the same thing with all of my 100 Day Project endeavors.

You can read through the journey or you can cut up the book and use it for collage fodder. 

You can even cut out the images and frame them!

In this video I flip through the book and show you how you can easily cut out the pages to use as you wish!

Grab your copy:

If you want to buy any of the original art from this project, send me an email.  They're $125/each (free shipping in the USA) and come ready to frame, packaged with a white beveled mat and a backer board.

Finally, Mom and I are going to be doing a LIVE video podcast all about the 100 Day Project on Tuesday, May 25 at 2pm EST.  You can watch it for free on YouTube and make comments/ask us questions in real time! 

Click through the link and be sure to hit the "set reminder" button to automatically be reminded when we go live!

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