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Art Journal Every Day: Sketchbook Thoughts


If you're new to Art Journal Every Day, the concept is simple: It's a commitment to take ten minutes each day to do something in your art journal.  No need to finish anything or even like it.  It's about making the time to nourish your creativity every day!  If you have the time to flip through your phone, you have the time to Art Journal Every Day.  If you'd like to share what you make, use the hashtag #artjournaleveryday so that we can all take a peek. 

I'm currently working on a new self-paced sketchbook class that's all about how to start keeping a visual diary or a sketchbook journal, like this:

These are pages from a sketchbook I worked in when I lived in NYC. 

This kind of sketchbook is slightly different from a sketchbook that's about sourcing/developing new ideas, like these pages from my "working" sketchbook:

(Assuming that the first class goes well, I plan to also create a self-paced class on creating a "working" sketchbook, later in the year.)

While researching the topic of sketchbooks, I came across a few videos that I really liked and wanted to share:

My takeaway: Sketchbooks are personal and should be kept private.

My takeaway: Sketchbooks are workspaces and don't need to be "finished art."

My takeaway: Ordinary objects can become extraordinary when drawn with care.

Let me know your thoughts on sketchbooks.  Do you keep one? Or several? Do you have sketchbook questions?  I'd love to know!