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Can You Spot the Differences?

I painted this flower doodle almost a decade ago:

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com
Several weeks ago a client asked for a high resolution scan of it.  Unfortunately I had long ago cut it up and used it as collage fodder. (Monthly Members will recall the drama of this situation from April's personal vlog.)  So, I did my best to recreate it.

On the right is a low-res photo of the original.  On the left is the redo.  There are some differences.  But I did my best to capture the essence of the original. It was really interesting/frightening to try to recreate the original pattern.  I had to try to decode what materials, colors, brushes, etc. that I had used.  What order did I paint the elements in?  What's opaque and what's transparent?  How much white of the paper is showing through?  Are the marks controlled or loose?  So many questions!

What are some of the differences that you notice?  I'll go first: The orange "L" shapes are very right-angled in the new version.  In the original, they're more pinched.

Your turn!