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Around Here: June 2021

Hello, friends! Here is a little bit about life around here right now:

What are you working on?

My sleep habits.


After my son goes to bed, I stay up for hours trying to catch up on things.  So, at the moment I'm trying to get ahead of the curve, so to speak.  I'm working really hard to be way ahead on all of my work so that I can be a bit more flexible when unexpected things come up in daily life.  That way I don't have to stay up so late.  Early to bed and early to rise and all that jazz.

What are you loving?

My brother and his family are currently visiting and I love seeing the cousins together!

They're just two months apart and absolutely adorable together.

How is the baby?

He makes every early morning and every poopy diaper and every inconvenience 100% worth it. 

He is 19-months-old and loves to read, splash in puddles, and see the garbage truck in action.

Current art crush?

I am loving the mixed media collages of Brandie Stonge.  Take a peek:

I think her work is delightful.  Each piece feels so carefully put together.  She has a shop, if you want some of her work for your wall.

So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, June's personal vlog and studio vlog are both in online classroom! 

What's the difference between a personal vlog and a studio vlog? 

  • Personal vlogs have a lot of daily life stuff (lots of baby) and a bit of random art content.  They're pretty much like the old weekly vlogs you can still see on my YouTube channel. All Members have access to personal vlogs.  
  • Studio vlogs are art focused on a single art project or art-related topic.  Past studio vlogs include: behind-the-scenes of putting together an online class, a studio tour, the process of making my giant tree mural, etc.  Maker Members & Super Learner Members have access to the studio vlogs.

Thanks for stopping by!