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June Book Club Replay

I surprised myself with how much I learned by reading and doing the exercises in Gerald Brommer's book, Collage Techniques.  It felt a little bit dry and academic at first (and it is), but once I started trying out the exercises (which didn't look that interesting to me at first), I really got into it.  Here's a replay of June's Book Club meeting all about this fine book:

Here are a few of the things I made based on the book & shared during the Book Club meeting:

I experimented with materials, adhesion methods, styles, and much more.  It really was a great experience that has opened up my brain to new possibilities.

If you'd like to see Gerald Brommer working on one of his collages, check out this excerpt from his instructional DVD:

Our next Book Club meeting is on July 7 at 12:15pm EST.  We will be discussing Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin

Book Club is FREE and streams live on both YouTube and Facebook.  You can chat with other people, chat with me, ask's lots of fun!  If you have a suggestion for a book that we should read, leave me a comment with the book and title.

As I mentioned during the livestream, I'm looking for a few people to join me on camera during the next Book Club and share what they've made inspired by the book.  If you're interested, follow the instructions I gave in the video.

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