Fiber Artist Erin Wilson
#30Grids: Days 11-17

5 Paint Colors I Cannot Live Without

I loooooove all the colors, but here are five that I just keep reaching for.  I like them because they're beautiful. But also because they're flexible.  They mix well.  Here are my faves:

Quinacridone Magenta - It's pink.  But it's kind of red.  It can go purple or light light pink.  It's like the sophisticated older sister of hot pink.  I'm all in on Quin Magenta.

Here is a bit of color mixing I did with Quin Magenta:

As you can see, you can get a real range of pinks and some gorgeous purples.

Pthalo Green - It's how I make teal happen.  It looks good with everything.  It's dark but not oppressive.  Whenever I replenish my paints, I buy the big bottle of Pthalo Green and I reach for it often.

Here is some color mixing I did with Pthalo Green:

Lovely blues and whites and even a fabulous grey!

Yellow Oxide - It's a super yummy and opaque yellow.  It's almost brown, but it can be so many colors.  A little bit of mixing and it's bright and sunny.  Go the other way and it's dark and sultry. 

Here's a peek at some color mixing I did with Yellow Oxide as the focus:

Unlike other yellows, I feel like Yellow Oxide holds its ground when mixed with other colors.

Red Oxide - I have a thing for oxides!  This is the newest favorite in my palette.  Is it red?  Is it brown?  It's a neutral that feels earthy and warm.

Here's a bit of color mixing fun:

I like all of the pinks that can be mixed from Red Oxide, not to mention a surprising number of beautiful greys!

Payne's Gray - It's always a good choice to use Payne's Gray.  It's blue and it's black.  It's smoky and complicated.  I could bathe in Payne's Gray.  I like it so much that I buy it in the jar.

Here's my mixing card:

I feel like Payne's Gray makes anything you mix it with look classy.

By the way, you'll note that I didn't include black and white in this list. There's no doubt that I use black and white paint every single day.  My go-to white is Blick Matte White paint (I buy multiples bottles at a time).  It's super white and does a great job in lots of different applications, including stamping.

My go-to black is Golden Carbon Black paint.  It's the blackest black and nice and strong.  But you don't have to believe me. Check out this awesome mixing chart from the Flax Art & Design website:

You can see that different shades of black create different results when mixed with other paints. It's good to have more than one black in your stash.  The same is true for white.  Check out the Flax website to see what I mean.

The next time someone asks you why you have so many different kinds of black and white paint, you'll know the answer: Each one has a different purpose.

You can learn more about color mixing in either my Getting Started with Color Mixing class or my Limited Palette class.

What are your five go-to paint colors?