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Altoid Watercolor Palettes

Back in 2014 I wrote a tutorial on how to make a watercolor palette in an Altoid tin using an empty gum wrapper.

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Thanks to evolving technology, lots of folks on Etsy are now offering 3-D printed watercolor palettes that fit inside an Altoid tin.  They range in price from $8-20 and they fit the tin perfectly!  Here are three that I bought to try out:

There are lots of different kinds of configurations and features.  Some have a single layer and some have a double layer.

When you're using the palette, you can place the second layer in the lid of the tin so that the palette is still easy to hold in your hand.

This one came with a brush.

This one has different sized holes for different sized brushes!

Look how many options there are from a quick Etsy search:

It's a very cool and affordable way to create a custom portable watercolor palette.  And, I have to admit, an improvement over my 2014 DIY.  Now I just have to decide which colors go in which palettes....

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