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Darsie Beck Sketch Bag Review

I recently decided to invest (and it is a bit spendy) in a fancy bag meant for sketching.


For many years, this has been my sketching bag:


But when I stumbled across the Darsie Beck bag, I knew that I had to try it.  I put together a video all about it:

I don't think that everyone needs a fancy bag. I've been happily juggling my art supplies since I started sketching in 2011.  I look for spots to sketch where a table or a chair (and therefore my lap) is available.  I sometimes even carry a sketching stool with me.  That said, this bag does make things easier.  I really love the platform and the exterior pocket on the carry strap.

I eyed this bag on etsy for quite some time...

...but then decided that I really needed the built-in platform to make the bag the most useful.  Otherwise, you're still trying to juggle a paint palette and a book and that's not easy!

So, my overall review is: I'm glad I got the bag.  There really isn't anything else out there like it!

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