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Derwent Push Button Water Brushes

I've been eyeing the Derwent Push Button Water Brushes for a while now.

The push button seems like such a great idea.  When I decided to teach my Sketchbook Habit online class, I determined that I simply *had* to buy the brushes in order to be a good teacher.  After all, what if a student asked me about them and I hadn't yet tried them?  I was super excited when they arrived, but after trying them out, I have to say: meh. 

Watch the video for more:


After filming the video, I did a little bit of internet prowling and read THIS ARTICLE on choosing a watercolor brush and it provided a list of 6 things to note when purchasing a brush:

  1. Capacity
  2. Snap
  3. Point
  4. Spring
  5. Flow/Release
  6. Dump

I feel like the Sakura brush was superior in the areas of flow/release and dump.  I was able to paint more evenly and for longer using the Sakura brush.  So help me out here.  What am I missing about these Derwent brushes?

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