#30Grids: Days 3-10
Fiber Artist Erin Wilson

Offset Vehicle T-Shirt

At the moment, my son is 100% obsessed with vehicles.  His happiest moments are when we stand on the sidewalk by a busy street and watch the traffic go by.  He points at every single truck and car that passes and says, "caaah."  It's adorable.  To celebrate his deep love of all vehicles, I decided to make him a t-shirt.  Here it is:

I used some leftover scraps of colored Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for the colored bits in this design.  HTV can be a bit expensive, so I always try to minimize waste and I keep all of my leftover scraps.  I love finding project like this where I can use them!  Check out the gold HTV, it's so shiny and luxe:

And you'll note that the colored bits don't exactly line up with the black line drawing.  It's called an offset and I did it on purpose.

I like the way it creates some motion in the design and even a bit of a vintage feeling.

I put together a very short video about how I used my Heat Press to adhere the layers of vinyl:

I should also mention that the vehicles in this design were a free download from freepik.com.  I imported them into Adobe Illustrator, adjusted them a bit, and then added the blocks of color.

Thanks for stopping by!


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