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Scrawlr Box: June 2021 Unboxing Video

My second Scrawlr Box arrived last week.  I opened it up and tried it out and ended up making this:

I had the camera running, so you can watch the video if you want all the details:

Once again, these are not supplies that I need or would have chosen, but I still enjoyed trying them out.  I threw the pencils into my colored pencil stash (it's a red Solo cup).  The watercolor paints are sitting on my desk staring at me.  I can't decide whether to keep them or donate them.  The brush went into my stash -- it's a hardy little beast and might be my favorite item from this box.  And the watercolor paper was filed away with all of my other watercolor paper. 

Because I have so many art supplies already, it takes a lot to impress me.  But I'm open to it happening.  In fact, I'm hopeful.  Ten more boxes to come!

This experience has made me think a little more deeply about what I'd like to see in my dream art supply subscription box.

  • Surfaces are less interesting to me, unless it's a super unusual substrate. I don't need more watercolor paper.  I'd be interested in unusual papers, though.
  • I like tools.  Tools could be stamps or stencils, but they could also be scissors, a craft knife, or even a pencil sharpener.
  • I really don't need the candy and the stickers.  I'd rather have more art supplies.
  • I would love to be introduced to new adhesives.
  • I like the tips and tricks in the Scrawlr Zine.  I find them useful.
  • I'd like some bigger brushes.  Thus far the two boxes I've gotten have had very small brushes.
  • Thus far the two boxes have been very watercolor heavy.  I understand.  But, I'd love to see other art supplies -- markers, acrylic paint, etc.

Looking at my list, it looks like a much more expensive box than this one.  Tools, adhesives, and bigger brushes are all expensive.  But I would be willing to pay if the quality was good and every box had at least one thing in it that I really liked.  Do you know of a box like this?  I'd love to hear about it!

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