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From My Composition Class: Grids Deep Dive

I hosted a wonderful live online workshop a few weekends ago.  It's part of a series of "Composition Classes" that I'm offering.  This one was about "The Grid" and these are the three demo pieces I created during class:

I looooove them!  I think they're some of the best pieces that I've done in this series -- and that's not something I usually say about demo pieces.  But I think there are a few reasons that they're good and they're things I want to remember:

  • Limited palette.  I've said if before.  I'll say it again.  I even taught a class about it.  A limited palette really helps to give your work a cohesive feeling.  Because of the nature of demo, I used the same very small palette for all of them and it really works, IMHO.
  • Limited time.  Left to my own devices I will fuss over every little detail.  Endlessly.  But demos need to be quick and clear.  I made a number of quick decisions when I was creating these pieces and I didn't second guess myself.  I almost always do better in a time crunch.
  • Simplicity.  I know, I know.  You're looking at these intensely patterned and brightly colored pieces and thinking simplicity?!  But, yes.  Simplicity.  If you take away the pattern, the composition of these pieces is very very simple and I think it helps these pieces to sing.
  • A fallow period.  There was about a week -- maybe a little longer -- from the end of my #30Grids project and this class.  And in that time, my brain seems to have worked through some things.  I often find that a fallow period -- where I go and work on something else -- often leads to a break through.  The fact is, the human brain needs time to process.  Many years ago I read an article about how we were losing our ability to process our feelings because we never simply sat and processed our feelings.  We listen to the radio in the shower and read our phones while waiting anywhere.  We watch TV and have constant stimulation.  You actually need moments without stimulation to process your feelings. 

If you'd like to take a class with me, I have two more live online classes on the schedule:

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