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I've added something new for you ScanNCut fans: a YouTube Channel membership. I'm calling it "ScanNCut Club." Here's what you get for $19.99/month: Loyalty badges: There are six different badges, and each one highlights how long a viewer has been a member of the channel. Custom Emojis: These are exclusive custom emojis that can be posted in video comments or used during any of my live chats. Photos and status updates: There is a "community" tab on YouTube and every month I will share ScanNCut-related content that is only available to YouTube Channel Members. Members-only live stream: Each month there... Read more →

I have finally wrapped up my #30Grids project. I went big on the last three and I'm so glad! It was a challenge and they took about five times as long to complete, but I really feel like I stretched myself and learned some things. So there's one regular sized one (8.5x11) and then three larger ones (19x24). Take a peek: One of the things that Matisse wrote in "Notes of a Painter" (part of the book, Matisse on Art) really resonated with me when I was sizing up my mixed media collages. He wrote: "Composition, the aim of which... Read more →

I'll give away the end before I even begin: I didn't finish the book. *gasp* But we still had a great conversation about Matisse on Art during yesterday's Book Club. It's a fascinating read and one that I know I'm going to finish and then keep coming back to again and again. Check it out for yourself in this replay video: I have had a long love affair with Matisse. In 2011 I visited the Art Institute of Chicago and wrote about Matisse: "Matisse always reminds me that it takes so few lines to communicate." My feelings haven't changed. One... Read more →

Who doesn't like foiling?! It's such a fun and easy way to add a bit of bling to your projects. In this video I'm sharing two different ways to add foil to your stenciled projects: using TCW Hot Foil Gel or TCW Tacky When Dry Gel. Both methods give you beautiful results, it's simply about how you want to get the job done. My laminator and the foil I used. The stencil I'm using in the video is one of my (Balzer Designs) designs for The Crafter's Workshop. It's called X-Trail: I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for stopping... Read more →

Today I'm sharing a little bit about how I like to use Distress Oxide Spray Ink and Distress Stain Spray Ink with stencils. The stencil in this video is called "Rows of Lines," and it's one of my new 2021 designs for The Crafter's Workshop. Here's the video: A few notes about these spray inks: I don't spray in a box and I don't worry about it getting everywhere because I work on top of a big piece of paper. All Distress products are all water reactive. This means that even after they are dry, they can be re-activated. They... Read more →

This is a technique that was suggested to me by a Balzer Designs Monthly Member and I think it's brilliant! Look at my gorgeous rhinestoned bat... ...but the secret is: I haven't used any rhinestones! Yes, that's right: You can quickly and easily get the look of rhinestones without ever using a rhinestone. Instead of crystals, you use holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and the results are stunning. You actually have to run your fingers over it to discover that there are no rhinestones there! These "flat rhinestones" created by cutting holographic HTV into small circles, are perfect for situations... Read more →

After years and years of being a devoted cosmetic sponge user...dare I say I was one of the very first to use the method way back in 2009...I have now fallen in love with stencil brushes. Here are a few basic tips to get you started on a new love affair (mostly, it's faster): In the video I'm using: Dynasty Stencil-Pro Brushes Krylon Easy-Tack TCW941: Rainbow Montage Here's a peek at two of the tags I made during the video: I love how adding the white gave the rainbows a bit of a glow! Are you a stencil brush user... Read more →

I've taken a slight turn in my 30-day abstract mixed media collages experiment! As you know, I constructed all of these pieces using a grid design, and following my "Art Parts" theory of construction. I have also gone all in on pattern-on-pattern-on pattern. But I have started to change the way I construct these and it has made all the difference. Check it out: I really feel excited about these pieces and I'm hoping to size up for my last few entries into this series. These are all 8.5x11, but I think it would be awesome to do some bigger... Read more →

Do you like nice neat precise stenciling? Or are you more of a messy stenciling fan? Getting the look you want is all about understanding how the medium you're using needs to be handled. The wetter the medium, the more likely you're going to get roll under. But you can take some careful steps to avoid roll under with all mediums. In the video I use the "Messy Writing" stencil I designed for The Crafter's Workshop... ...with a Distress Ink Pad, TCW Stencil Butter (modeling paste-ish), Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, Fluid Acrylic Paint, and Distress Stain Spray Ink. Watch the... Read more →

I've been designing stencils for The Crafter's Workshop since 2011, but I haven't released any new designs for almost eighteen months (let's call it maternity leave). I'm so excited to have NINE fabulous new designs available in both 6x6 and 12x12. Yay! Come with me as I see the new designs for the first time in this unboxing of the new 2021 Balzer Designs Stencils! Lots more stencil videos to come. Also: Be sure to click through this link to set a reminder for my live stencil party on August 23 at 8pm EST. You can buy these stencils at... Read more →