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Kandinsky Inspired Art --- Learning Tool

I recently included a Kandinsky quote and painting in my weekly email newsletter (the newsletter goes out every Friday).  It sent me down a bit of a Kandinsky rabbit hole.  I stumbled onto a German website that I believe is for elementary school teachers.  They had a fascinating lesson suggestion that I had to try for myself.

STEP ONE - Laminate a design of colored tissue paper and black construction paper pieces.  No need to fill the whole lamination pouch.  Think about design.

I used black tar paper for some of these, but it was too dimensional, so I ended up switching to black tissue paper.

STEP TWO - Laminate a design of just colored tissue paper.  Try to fill the whole pouch.  Think of it as a background.

STEP THREE - Layer the two together. If you wish, hold them up to a window or other light source for a slightly different look.

It gets really fun when you make a bunch of "step ones" and "step twos" and then mix and match them.  I made 3 "step ones" and 3 "step twos."

Here are a few of my favorite combos:

I had a great time with this exercise. I recognize that I'm a maximalist, but this exercise confirmed for me the fact that more layers are more interesting.

Now why would a grown-up artist be interested in this exercise?  Well, take a peek at what a difference the background can make:

And sometimes it's not even the colors in the background, it's the placement of the colors in relationship to each other -- the two on the left are very similar in coloring...

...but also very different in how they interact with the foreground.  I'm definitely going to be thinking about that the next time I sit down to paint. 

And one of the nice things about the clear lamination pouch is that you can flip everything all around for lots of variety.

I think this exercise is one that you could do quite often and learn something new about design every single time.  What do you think?

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