Painted Wood Block Wall Art
From the August Member Livestream

Scrawlr Box: August 2021 Unboxing Video

As you know, I purchased a one-year subscription to Scrawlr Box -- an art supply subscription box out of the UK. Each month I open the box and share my first impressions with you. These are my personal opinions about what works for me and what doesn't. I hope you find the video useful and entertaining! 

Here's a list of the box contents with links to purchase:

Here's the piece I made during the video:

In the video, I mentioned that (a) I really wanted some wet media and (b) I really wanted pink or red.  So, I added a bit of watercolor and here you go:

I like it a lot more after adding the color. What do you think?

Also, I wanted to add two notes to the video after using the watercolor:

  1. The mixed media board was really great with watercolor.  I liked it a lot more once I experienced using it with a very wet medium.  I would even consider buying some now that I've seen how it's different from paper.
  2. I noticed that the Scrawlr Zine calls the board "multi media board," but the contents card has the correct title of "mixed media board."  I then went online to look at the actual product listing and the manufacturer does call it "mixed media board."  So it looks like some sloppy copy editing by Scrawlr Box.

Thanks for stopping by!