Art Journal Every Day: 2020 June & July & a Bit of August
Painted Wood Block Wall Art

Screen Printed Flat Bottom Bag

I took some of my screen printed fabric and made a flat bottom zipper bag with it:


The screen printed fabric I used for the pouch has a real grungy feeling to it (as opposed to the screen printed fabric I used as the background in these photos).  I think that the grungy feeling makes it feel perfect for storing art supplies.  It has funky flair but I'm not at all worried about accidentally ruining it with a splash of paint or an uncapped marker.  Originally, I was going to use the fabric you see in the background to make the pouch, but then I decided it was too clean and pretty and so I decided to save it for a different kind of project.  Back into my stash it goes!

I got a little bit fancier with the zipper than I normally do: I covered the ends. I'm not sure if it makes a difference to anybody but me, but I think it looks nice and neat:

I lined the inside with two different fabrics -- one commercial and one sun printed:

It's the perfect size for stashing some art supplies to go!

I also looooove that it has a flat bottom.  Bags that can stand on their own are so much more useful for art supplies, don't you think? 

BTW, if you're not a sewer, don't feel left out.  You can grab a set of pre-made plain white flat bottom bags to decorate!

And if you'd like to learn how to screen print at home with very little mess and almost no equipment, then join me for class online this Sunday.  Class is recorded and you will receive a link to the recording to download and keep forever!  Sign up HERE.

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