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Around Here: September 2021

September 2021 Membership Livestream Re-Cap

I am so grateful to all of the folks who have become Monthly Members.  Thank you!  I appreciate your patronage and I hope that you enjoy all the benefits of membership.  :)

There are three levels of membership to choose from and you can switch between levels as you wish.

  1. Member
  2. Maker Member - all the benefits of the Member level + more!
  3. Super Learner Member - all the benefits of the Member level + Maker level + more!

All members have access to the monthly livestream.  So what goes on during the livestream?  I'm so glad that you asked!

  • All members are encouraged to leave their questions and/or demo requests in the classroom.  It's nice for me to have the questions and requests ahead of time because then I can spend some time preparing everything to ensure that the demos are high quality.
  • Any members attending the live broadcast can also ask questions or make comments live and in real time.
  • If there aren't enough questions to fill the hour, I will share an art project or technique that I think you would enjoy.
  • All livestreams are recorded and the recording is posted to the online classroom along with a list of useful links to supplies, websites, tutorials, etc. mentioned during the livestream.

This past Sunday night was the September member livestream.  Here's a quick recap of what we covered during the hour:

  • QUESTION 1: How to fix paint beading up on the gelatin plate.
  • QUESTION 2: How to store your gelatin plate (and get bubbles/wrinkles out of the plate).
  • QUESTION 3: Will I be hosting in-person classes at my home any time soon?
    • The answer is, yes, I hope to in 2022, depending on how vaccines for children roll out.
  • QUESTION 4: Should you tint & shade paint with white & black or with a lighter/darker version of that same color?
    • We explored the possibilities here, and then thanks to a really interesting comment during the livestream, diverged into a conversation about how to ensure that all of your paint colors work together -- even when using lots and lots of colors.  The answer is shockingly simple.  You can see the tags where I demo-ed this idea below:


  • QUESTION 5: What methods to use to plan art projects, collect ideas, and make sure that things get done!
  • QUESTION 6: A member requested that I add a "Calendar of Events" to my website. 
    • So, I did some research and I'm currently testing out an events calendar.  You can see it HERE.  Let me know what you think!
  • QUESTION 7: What is a good non-watercolor paper for using with watercolor?
    • I answered the question and also showed off the difference between cheap watercolor and expensive watercolor (hint: it's the pigment load) on that paper.  Take a peek:


  • QUESTION 8: And finally, I ended the livestream with a gelatin printing demo that went through some basics, along with some more advanced layering and color mixing techniques.  Here are the demo pieces:

If you're not a member already, I hope you'll consider jumping in!  Membership starts at $5.99/month and helps to make everything I do possible!  There are two years worth of archived videos to watch and learn from -- and it's all available to you right now!  :)  As Caroline emailed me, "I am currently a Basic Member and was wondering if you have considered a Member level between Basic and Maker or increasing the price of the Basic? I think the Basic level is worth more than $5.99." 

As always, thanks for stopping by!