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Artsy Halloween Treat Toppers

Steve and I have been debating what to do about trick-or-treating. We both want to take our son out, but we also want to make sure there's candy at our house for the other kids in the neighborhood. Someone online suggested that I leave little treat bags on our porch -- under the theory that people are less likely to clear the whole bowl of treat bags out than a regular bowl of candy.  With this new idea, I had a new debate: just stick them in a bag or make something artsy and more "me?"

Well, you can probably guess what I chose:

I posted a 20-second video tutorial on Facebook, which you can check out HERE.  But here are the basics:

  • Draw, paint, collage, stitch, and make your topper design.
  • Let it dry and then scan it.
  • Using photo editing software (I used Photoshop), desaturate your image (more spooky IMHO) and create the double-sided topper.  It looks like this:

BTW: Until the end of October, monthly members can grab a printable version of this treat topper in the online classroom.  :)

  • Cut out the toppers and fold them in half.
  • Put your candy in a bag and staple the topper to the bag.

That's it!

They probably would have been cuter with a few fun size bars, but Steve is a great believer in the full size bar.  Come to our house on Halloween and you'll always get a full size candy bar!

This is a quick and easy project and **bonus** with everything bagged up, I'm not stealing any of our Halloween candy out of the bowl! Win-win!

Thanks for stopping by!