Laminated Storage Pouch with Stamping Inside
Lesson 2 from the #PrintInktober Class

#PrintInktober 2021: Days 1-6

We are about a week into #Printinktober 2021!  I wanted to share what I've been making with you -- most of these are short fun videos. (These videos and images are embedded from instagram.  If you are reading this on email and can't see them, click HERE.)

I have also been posting some short videos to my Facebook page.  You can see a #PrintInktober one HERE.

Finally, here are some of the prints from the first #PrintInktober class, all about making patterns with your existing stamps:

You can watch the lesson right now in the online classroom.

The second #Printinktober class is tomorrow.  We are talking about printing on fabric -- both yardage and pre-made items like t-shirts.  I'm excited!  Class is $45 with lifetime access.  Join any time. :)

Thanks for stopping by!