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September 2021 Scrawlr Box

So the September Scrawlr Box landed in my mailbox on Monday, October 18.  Shipping was very slow from the UK this time around, but the good news is that art supplies have a long shelf life.  This was easily my favorite Scrawlr Box yet. Watch the unboxing video for all the deets:


And here's a better look at my doodle from the unboxing:

As a side note, I watched someone else's unboxing video about this same box and I had a realization: My problem is that I have tried too many art supplies in the past decade.  It takes a lot to surprise me and I'm always comparing each art supply to something that is similar (and often better).  I think these art supply subscription boxes are really angled towards newbies.  As an example, I literally gasped in excitement when I saw ArtGraf tailors chalk on the supply list. The person in the video I watched thought it was an eraser and broke it in half while tying to bend it.  Don't get me wrong, it still feels like a treat to get a box of art supplies in the mail each month, but after this subscription ends, I might just have to take the $24 a month that the box costs, and treat myself to something new that I choose each month.  By happy coincidence, the primary colored set of ArtGraf chalks is $24.99.  And wouldn't I rather have that than some of the other boxes that have arrived at my house?  On the other hand, would I have thought to buy the ArtGraf chalks if the box hadn't arrived?!  I mean, I've heard about them for years, but never believed the hype until I actually tried them.  So maybe the art subscription box **is** the way to go?!  I don't know. What do you think?

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