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Composition Class: Symmetry & Asymmetry was Great!

I had a great time on Saturday teaching the second class in my series of live online classes all about composition. 

Composition Class_ Symmetry & Asymmetry-high
We focused on symmetry and asymmetry and the final class assignment was to create a concurrent series of 3-4 works of art using the knowledge you gained in class. 

Composition Class_ Symmetry & Asymmetry-high (2)
Here is the final version of my series of 4 pieces:

They're all based on the same basic design.  Working in a concurrent series is a great way to let go of perfectionism, get faster at making art, try new things, and end indecision.  If you're interested in working in a concurrent series (as opposed to a serial series), it's as easy and grabbing 3-4 substrates and working on them all at the same time!  Seriously.  Just line them up and have some fun!  I did make an instructional video years ago on the topic.  This is a promo for it:

You can still buy a DVD HERE.

And here's a closer look at each of the pieces:

Monthly Members can watch the real time video of this one moving from basic design to finished piece of art. I posted a 2 minute and 30 second long fast forward version on my YouTube channel.

By the way, I think the piece above should actually be rotated 180º, but I wanted to keep the orientation consistent for the blog so that you could easily see how all the underlying designs are the same.

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