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I had a great time on Saturday teaching the second class in my series of live online classes all about composition. We focused on symmetry and asymmetry and the final class assignment was to create a concurrent series of 3-4 works of art using the knowledge you gained in class. Here is the final version of my series of 4 pieces: They're all based on the same basic design. Working in a concurrent series is a great way to let go of perfectionism, get faster at making art, try new things, and end indecision. If you're interested in working in... Read more →

I've been having a lot of fun revisiting watercolor monoprints. I've been doing some experimenting with different kinds of watersoluble media. I'm not sure you can see the differences in these prints, but they're there! I'm currently developing a "printmaking at home" class for mid-2022 and I'm excited about it. In the meantime, here's a segment I did for Make It Artsy that explains the watercolor monotype technique: And here's a fun technique variation that uses Saran Wrap: I love a low tech solution! If you'd like to grab one of these eye watercolor monoprints, they're $25 each. Free shipping... Read more →

On Saturday I'm teaching a 4-hour live online class all about Symmetry & Asymmetry. It's part of my "Composition Class" series in which I'm helping you learn how to create stronger and more dynamic compositions. As the title of the class indicates, I will teaching you how to create symmetrical and asymmetrical designs that are balanced. Here is an example of two simple abstract designs composed from the exact same elements: Balance is one of the Design Principles and a vital skill to master for pleasing compositions. Balance in art is exactly what it sounds like: it's the visual distribution... Read more →

The October Scrawlr Box landed in my mailbox this week. And hooray for color! Three Copic Sketch Markers were included in the box and the (almost) primary palette, made for some easy and fun color mixing. Watch the unboxing video for all of the details: Box Contents: Copic Sketch Markers UNI PIN Fine Line, Black 0.3 Faber-Castell Grip 2001 Pencil Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser A5 Marker Pad I have used Copics in the past for airbrushing. Here is a 2013 video where I am using the airbrushing system with a stencil I designed: Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

"A Year of Gelatin Printing" is still going strong. November's topic is resist printing and we are covering myriad methods -- going way beyond the basics, as usual. Check it out: This is the book that we're making from our prints (I made it in two different sizes and styles): If you're interested in joining the class, here are a few things to know: The cost of the class is $45 and you get lifetime access. You must have taken the pre-requisite class, "Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints" to take this class. Yes, even if you're a professional gelatin printer with... Read more →

This week during the ScanNCut Club livestream I did a long demo all about embossing on metal using the ScanNCut and I remembered that back in 2015, I had put together a great short video all about how to emboss with metal tape and stencils. This video is six years old, but the technique is still super relevant: You can read the original post and see some more stencil ideas HERE. And, here are a few more related posts from the archives that you might find useful: Embossed Foam Distress Paint Tutorial: Embossed Foil Tape Words: Embossed Tin Ornaments: Let... Read more →

I'm part of an affinity group within the Cambridge Art Association. We decided to do a postcard swap with a twist. Instead of sending each other finished postcards, we're mailing half-finished postcards that the recipient can finish. Here are the postcards that I'm putting in the mail: I used my new Art Foamies foam stamps, did some image transfers, did some drawing and collaging, and just generally had fun making these little guys. I'm currently working on a Studio Vlog for Maker & Super Learner Members all about the making of these postcards as well as sharing what I get... Read more →

I'm so pleased to share that I have designed some new Art Foamies foam stamps! You can watch the video for more: There is a discount code you can use to get 25% of my designs: JULIESWEEK. Valid through Thursday, 11/4/2021. If you've never used Art Foamies before, here's the 411: Big bold beautiful designs made from high quality foam. The details in the designs are amazing (check out the little tiny details on the stamp I'm holding in the photo). Art Foamies foam stamps are easy to use, easy to clean (or not to clean in my case). They're... Read more →

Don't let the alphabet soup title of this post scare you! It's important to understand file extensions so that you can create all of the magical projects you dream up. FCM - This is the proprietary file extension that the ScanNCut uses for cutting data. PES - This is a machine embroidery file extension. I like to use a program called Simply Applique in order to help my ScanNCut and my Brother embroidery machine "talk" to each other in order to make projects like this: In the video in this post I share how to take a PES embroidery file...... Read more →