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Place Cards are Kind of My Thing

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Hopefully you're anticipating good company and delicious food on Thursday.  I have always loved adding fancy DIY place cards to my holiday table.  Here are a few of my favorites from the blog archives:

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2013 - City Skyline Place Cards (tutorial is here)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2017 - Leaf Place Cards (original post)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2018 - Egg Place Cards (original post)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2013 - Stamped Place Cards (original post)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2014 - Pop Up Place Cards (0riginal post)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2015 - Playing Card Place Cards (video tutorial is here)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com
image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2010 - Butterfly Place Cards (tutorial is here)

image from balzerdesigns.typepad.com2019 - Paper Flower Place Cards (project information here)

I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for this year's Thanksgiving table.  Eeek!  Though, I was looking at these leaf & twig ones I found online...

image from d2c5oomqu2hs08.cloudfront.net
...and they look pretty doable!  What a lovely looking place setting!

image from d2c5oomqu2hs08.cloudfront.net
Do you have place card plans?  I think it's the little details that make people feel special.  :)

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