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Scrawlr Box: November 2021 Unboxing

Around Here: December 2021

Hello, friends! Here is a little bit about life around here right now:

What are you working on?

Stamps, stamps, stamps!  All I do is carve rubber stamps!  And I looooove it!

I'm surprising myself by really enjoying using the prompt list this year.  I normally am not a fan.  But for some reason, this year it's inspiring me each and every day!

What are you loving?

I have been working in a small art journal -- about a 1/4 of the size I normally work in -- and I'm really having a lot of fun with the smaller format.

I finish pages in 15-minutes and keep on moving.  It has been fantastic during this busy season to work smaller.  It has allowed me to keep a spirit of play alive even when time is short.

How is the little guy?

He is a late talker, but he's starting to string words together into teeny tiny sentence fragments and I loooove it!

I wake up every morning to someone calling my name.  "Mama!"  And he continues to boss me around all day long: "Mama go here."  "Mama come."

Current art crush?

Back in 2019, I shared the collage work of Julie Hamilton @juliehamiltoncreative.  Since then she has moved into doing a lot more painting. There's still collage in her artwork, but it's more integrated.  She has grown and evolved over time - while retaining her aesthetic - and I find it soooooo inspiring.  Here's a peek at some of her current work (as always, if you're reading this on email, you may need to click HERE to view the images) and don't forget to look back at that 2019 post to see what she used to do:

So, there you have it!  That's the scoop on life around here at the moment.  If you're a Monthly Member, December's personal vlog is up in online classroom and I'm just finishing the editing of the studio vlog.  It should be up by the end of the week.

What's the difference between a personal vlog and a studio vlog? 

  • Personal vlogs have a lot of daily life stuff (lots of baby) and a bit of random art content.  They're pretty much like the old weekly vlogs you can still see on my YouTube channel. All Members have access to personal vlogs.  
  • Studio vlogs are art focused on a single art project or art-related topic.  Past studio vlogs include: behind-the-scenes of putting together an online class, a studio tour, a peek into my sketchbook, a look at a day in the studio, etc.  Maker Members & Super Learner Members have access to the studio vlogs.

Thanks for stopping by!